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YA realistic fiction.This book has won so many awards I could barely see the cover under all the stickers After reading it, I understood why it gets so much praise S enz tells the story of two young men, Aristotle Ari Mendoza and Dante Quintana growing up in El Paso, Texas during the 1980s We follow their lives from age fifteen to seventeen, watching their relationship slowly grow, change and strengthen Told from Ari s point of view, the novel is crafted in short, lyrical chapters The prose sings The dialogue is pitch perfect The story is quiet and gentle, but it pulls the reader through the narrative beautifully.Ari has loving parents, though his father silently bears the traumas of the Vietnam War, keeping him distant from his son Ari s sisters are a generation older, making him feel like the family mascot rather than an equal sibling Most troubling of all, the family has erased all traces of Ari s older brother, whom he barely remembers, who went to prison for a violent crime Ari longs to know and feels betrayed by his parents silence Overall, Ari feels like his life is a story written by someone else, a sentiment I suspect many teens can relate to.Ari has no real friends, nor does he want any, but in the summer of his fifteen year he meets Dante at the swimming pool, and Dante offers to teach him how to swim They bond initially over their unusual names, but soon they are spending the bulk of their time together We follow them through funny episodes, horrific accidents and tragic losses, watching their awkward and tentative friendship turn into the sort of bond that will challenge what Ari believes about himself and his capacity for love.I won t give away the ending, but I kept thinking about it long after I finished the book It didn t end the way I expected it to, perhaps because of my own point of view and life experience, but I now see it ended the only way it could, as Ari learns how to reject the story others have written for him and write his life himself This would be a great book club choice to spur discussions about identity and acceptance Highly recommended I found this book thanks to the website Queer Books for Teens The summer sun was not meant for boys like me Boys like me belonged to the rain I ve heard so many good things about this novel and seen it all over Tumblr I wanted to read this so badly, which is why I finally, finally got my hands on a copy and started reading right away I also finished reading it right away.My thoughts Well, first of all, I love the way I can identify with Ari and Dante, but especially with Ari Sometimes his stubbornness got on my nerves and I wanted to shake him and tell him that he should just go and love Dante But on the other hand, everything just felt so real.Which leads me to my second point about how I kept on reading and nodding my head, smiling about how true some statements and feelings pictured in the novel felt The thing is, S enz does not try to be philosophical and poetic He doesn t have to.Third, you can see how Ari grows In the beginning, he is a 15 year old boy, he talks like a 15 year old boy, he thinks like one But as he grows older he learns and experiences things, especially through Dante, he changes I just want to state that this novel is a perfect example of character development.What bothered me just a little , is the ending Yes, it s happy and lovely and that s what I wished for but I had the feeling that everything went too fast Particularly the revelations about the past.And also I am kind of angry Why, whywhywhy couldn t we read about their happy ever after I mean, I ve been waiting for this the whole time and now I don t even get two whole pages of AriDante as a couple Not fair I want need a sequel Reread I m still very much in love with this book There may have been something in my eyes, they got a little teary.Update We re getting a sequel Someone must have heard my prayers.Find of my books on Instagram This book was so so beautiful.In actuality, it doesn t have a plot Not a main story or event that the characters center around It s about a boy It s a story about a boy who is sad and angry and can t figure out why It s about him trying to love himself and others It s about the teenage condition and mentality.Let s talk about why I loved it Mainly, I loved the mood and tone It made me feel mellow and warm I liked that it was slow paced, that it felt like real life with small but important events happening I actually really liked Aristotle, the main character, even though he s kind of a jerk But the thing is he doesn t want to be a jerk I loved the relationships, especially with his best friend, Dante It was real friendship, not false or easy I loved the emphasis on family And the ending was beautiful So beautiful I really related to the main character, his struggles of culture and feeling lonely and regretting growing up And when I didn t relate to him I still empathized I just wanted to hug Aristotle.I didn t realize how much I loved this book until it ended I flew through it so quickly that I didn t realize how beautiful it was, how happy it made me feel This is absolutely a new favourite I can t wait to reread it. I M NOT CRYING YOU RE CRYING Oh gosh, my feelings are all over the place.It started in a very captivating way I liked the narrator Aristotle nicknamed Ari is a calm fifteen year old boy who prefers being aloneHe doesn t feel comfortable being around people his age but that doesn t necessarily mean he s a recluse Everyone things he s sad and lonely but, really, he doesn t mind it.And then he meets Dante Dante who made him see the world differently Gosh, how much I loved that character Everything about him made me think of an angel, a sweet sweet angel I wish the world was filled with people like Dante because this world would have been a much lovelier place.This is really a coming of age YA novel Even though it s shelved as LGBT which IS true and shelved it myself as it too , there is a good part of this story where it doesn t feel that way It s mostly about friendship, family, trust, loyalty and being honest to ourselves and who we truly are Then, comes the LGBT part and romance as well I have to say that I throughout the story craved to see some romantic affection between Ari and Dante There aren t many scenes at all that show some, because Ari isn t gay Or is he I kept wondering while reading and felt like I knew, right inside me, the answer, except that I never could have been one hundred percent sure Gladly, we do get an answer Actually, every answer I could have had regarding events, characters and scenes were answered and that is a big plus to the book.The writing, at first, didn t quite work for me to be honest It s a very simple style The kind I could write myself without any problem EXCEPT, we could actually feel as if it were really Ari s writing and that is an exceptional thing and very a witty way of writing a story when I think of it I do admit that sometimes I really wished we had Dante s POV, just to know how he thinks and what s in his mind Wait, I do know what or who should I say he s always thinking of I just think at least one scene would have been so spectacular to have narrated by him.It s weird because Ari has sisters and a brother but we never actually really got to meet them or get to know those sisters I don t even remember his sisters names, if the narrator even told us their names in the first place Shame because I really wanted to get to know them.I m so glad this story includes an animal, being the animal lover that I am I feel like they usually bring a nice atmosphere inside a story and this one a dog sure did.Also, you need to know that this is a sad story I mean, sure, there are many cute and happy moments, but drama usually follows Plus, with that kind of atmosphere, how could I have held back my tears Do I recommend this book Like air I have been saving this book Just waiting for the right moment for us to come together and love one another And this book is fine, I guess It s okay But I really don t see the magic that prompted so many five star ratings and literary awards It s weird because I was sure we were meant for each other A Printz Honor book featuring a gay romance between two quirky characters one of whom is a rough guy who gets into fights and has a complicated relationship with his father the other being a sweet and sensitive boy who loves his poetry Throw in some philosophical musings and a generous helping of poetic teen angst and you should be serving up a new favourite of mine, right Apparently not.I love deep, complex and emotional contemporary YA that reminds me why I still read books aimed at teens But, you know, I just didn t find this book as deep and meaningful as it was obviously trying to be There were some intriguing passages thrown in that were clearly meant to tickle our inner emos, like The problem with my life was that it was someone else s idea And I wondered what it was we were laughing about Was it just our names Were we laughing because we were relieved Were we happy Laughter was another one of life s mysteries But it all felt like a good old example of trying too hard The characters of Aristotle and Dante are two very different individuals who form an instant connection and go on to become close friends, but they never seemed like anything but caricatures of angsty teens with the pretentious poetry reading and frequent philosophical phrases that made me cringe The dialogue was particularly unrealistic There are some writers who can pull off floaty poetic speech between their characters, and then there are those who fail to sound than fake, overdone and scripted In my opinion, this book was in the latter category However, I feel this way about John Green and everyone seems to love him too, so it s hardly surprising that I once again find myself in the minority.Not only does the constant waxing poetic feel a bit off, but the rest of the time we re treated to a choppy, fragmented narrative that gave me flashbacks to The Perks of Being a Wallflower For example When I got home, I sat on my front porch.I watched the sun set.I felt alone, but not in a bad way I really liked being alone Maybe I liked it too much Maybe my father was like that too.I thought of Dante and wondered about him I think I get what this book was trying to do and I also get what many people probably thought it was doing but I can point you towards authors who do a similar kind of thing and make it seem less cheesy and far real and meaningful A.S.King, Melina Marchetta, Matthew Quick and Sara Zarr, to name but a few When compared to the works of those authors, these characters and this writing just pale in comparison In my opinion, anyway.Blog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Why do we smile Why do we laugh Why do we feel alone Why are we sad and confused Why do we read poetry Why do we cry when we see a painting Why is there a riot in the heart when we love Why do we feel shame What is that thing in the pit of your stomach called desire I think I rarely read an introduction to a book that touched me as much as this one did It were exactly questions like that I asked myself when I was a young and confused teen I was always serious than the other kids and there were things they just didn t understand When I was seventeen life was tough for me, at least tough than for other people my age I asked myself questions they wouldn t ask themselves for decades and I had to ask those questions because life and my personal experiences kind of forced me to Just like Ari, I was thinking about so many things, wondering about my place in this world Why did some things have to end Why did others start Why did my heart hurt so much Gosh, I really wish I would have had this book in my teens, because it definitely would have made me feel better Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe certainly is a book that s important and needed It s one of those reads that is able to change you, to help you and I really, really wish I would have had it back then XD It captured the problems of adolescence so damn well and because of that, it s easily become one of my all time favourites Sometimes I think my father has all these scars On his heart In his head All over The problem about those scars is that no one can see them and most people don t even bother to try to understand I loved that Ari truly wanted to know what his father felt and that he wanted him to tell him about his feelings and thoughts But just like Ari and basically everyone else on this world his father was a creature of his experiences and his environment The war he had fought had changed him and the experience with his eldest son had shaped him as well It s never easy to talk about things that are so close to our heart, but Ari s father made an effort and I think that counts for something You were looking for me, he said.I looked at him In your dream You were looking for me I m always looking for you, I whispered I got to thinking that poems were like people Some people you got right off the bat Some people you just didn t get and never would get I guess in some way this sentence explains a lot about the book There were people Ari didn t understand and there were people who understood him pretty well but couldn t seem to be able to convey it For instance his parents and Dante Dante understood him than anyone else and I think in some way he might have even hated him for it At least at the beginning of the book The time passed the less he saw him as a threat It s just that Dante always asked the right questions, he is honest and very outspoken and therefore the complete opposite of Ari who always keeps his feelings and words to himself While Dante admits that he loves Ari and this pretty early on in the book , Ari isn t only unable to accept his own feelings but also incapable to voice them properly He s overwhelmed and he feels helpless So basically just like any other teen, right lol I love swimming, he said again He was quiet for a little while And then he said, I love swimming and you I didn t say anything Swimming and you, Ari Those are the things I love the most And even though Ari tells him not to voice those thoughts it s still obvious that he feels the same way about Dante as well Call me crazy but in some way this was really beautiful to watch XD I mean we have a boy who knows exactly what he wants and we have a boy who questions everything and doesn t even know who he is Still, there s no doubt Ari loves Dante too, because even though he can t admit it, his thoughts speak their own language And it seemed to me that Dante s face was a map of the world A world without any darkness Wow, a world without darkness How beautiful was that Despite all this, it was still amazing to see that their friendship was able to survive every blow of fate that was thrown their way I just loved their dynamic and the fact that they knew each other inside out Their friendship was friendshipgoals and it were always those little, to some people rather insignificant moments, which touched me the most and automatically warmed my heart How many burgers did you flip to buy the book That s a very Dante question, I said That s a very Ari answer, he said.And then we started laughing and couldn t stop.Also can I say how much I loved the way Ari described his relationship to his mother Those two had me close to tears often than once and I just adored the way they spoke with each other, how open and extremely honest they were Ari s and Dante s moms definitely are momgoals and I strive to become an awesome mother like that too 3 I could feel my mom listening to me She was always there I hated her for that And loved her And I knew that there was something about me that Mrs Quintana saw and loved And even though I felt it was a beautiful thing, I also felt it was a weight Not that she meant it to be a weight But love was always something heavy for me Something I had to carry All told, I really loved this book and I can recommend it to every teenager who feels lost and alone Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is a wonderful and exceptionally beautiful read It s full of poetry and the important questions of life, it s a journey with a beginning and an end and it s so damn relatable that you can t help but fall in love with it I m sure young and old will enjoy it and I hope everyone who reads it will discover the secrets of the universe as well Sometimes the journey is everything that truly matters P view spoiler The ending was sooo beautiful 333 sobs All this time I had been trying to figure out the secrets of the universe, the secrets of my own body, of my own heart All of the answers had always been so close and yet I had always fought them without even knowing it From the minute I d met Dante, I had fallen in love with him I just didn t let myself know it, think it, feel it My father was right And it was true what my mother said We all fight our own private wars hide spoiler *Ebook ⇗ Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe ⇬ Aristotle is an angry teen with a brother in prison Dante is a know it all who has an unusual way of looking at the world When the two meet at the swimming pool, they seem to have nothing in common But as the loners start spending time together, they discover that they share a special friendship the kind that changes lives and lasts a lifetime And it is through this friendship that Ari and Dante will learn the most important truths about themselves and the kind of people they want to be. I M CRYING THIS BOOK WAS BEAUTIFUL. i really thought this was going to be a slam dunk of a book all those prestigious awards and recognitions, a gay coming of age story that got the coveted dana stamp of approval, that cover.and it is not a bad book, not by a long shot i definitely enjoyed reading it it just doesn t transcend its YA status like so many YA books do this is an excellent book for its audience, but for me, it doesn t have that crossover appeal that so many recent YA titles have had it gets points for featuring an untraditional LGBT protagonist a young mexican american boy with few social attachments, dealing with his distant war haunted father, his much older, clucking sisters, the figurative ghost of his brother, about whom no one has spoken since he was incarcerated, and his own inability to make emotional connections, or even feel much of anything except a simmering, inarticulate rage his mother is very loving and supportive, but ari lacks a true male role model figure, since his father is shuttered in a cage of his memories of vietnam and drifts through ari s life without being any kind of real presence ari has always felt apart, particularly from the world of boys and their interests I d never really been very close to other people I was pretty much a loner I d played basketball and baseball and done the Cub Scout thing, tried the Boy Scout thing but I always kept my distance from the other boys I never felt like I was a part of their world.his is not a case of being a bookish, indoor kid who doesn t relate to the rough and tumble world of normal boys he likes to fight and drink and he wants a truck and a dog he has just never felt comfortable in the company of boys until he meets dante.dante is definitely one of the indoor boys he is sensitive, he reads poetry and draws, he is emotional and frequently cries, and asks probing and highly personal questions with his deeply inquisitive mind he is also mexican american, but has only a tenuous relationship to his cultural heritage, and this discomfort affects him deeply, even though he is very self assured in other aspects of his character.for some reason, the two boys find something in each other that just clicks, and they become inseparable over the course of a summer the novel traces their relationship and their various insecurities and their growing attachment to each other from ari s perspective, as he struggles with his identity and his inability to recognize what it is that he wants out of life.and that is gripe number one view spoiler ari never comes out, in the traditional sense no, he is sat down by his mother and father who basically inform him that he is gay and in love with dante which, for someone so closed off emotionally, makes a little bit of sense, but is very clumsy narratively speaking it takes away the opportunity for character growth, basically, and the revelation lacks any impact it could have had if ari had come to that conclusion himself it s a little uncomfortable, actually what teenager likes being told what to do by their parents, let alone being told to whom or to what gender they are attracted and since this takes place in 1987 with a mexican american family, it seems way progressive than should be expected while i very much appreciate the novelty of ari as a gay protagonist , the not every gay male is emotional or theatrical or even, frankly, likable, i think it would have been a stronger scene if he had discovered this about himself, instead of just being coaxed into it hide spoiler