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It s a feminist novel, they said It won a Printz award, they said.What I say mary lou retton two times this is the teen fiction the good girls read girls without problems like anorexia or cutting or promiscuity or retrograde amnesia the ones whose mothers don t need to worry about them rotting their brains on vampires and rainbow parties.the ones janis ian envied high school girls with clear skinned smiles who married young and then retired i mean, it is published by disney, so i wasn t expecting smut and guts, but it s pretty precious and twee, qualities which usually give me the angers.reading the prologue, i thought i was going to hate it all those cutesy perky wordplays eventually you learn there is a reason for it, but that doesn t make it any less irritating.it is like the kid sister of special topics in calamity physics, a book i rather enjoyed, but i can totally understand other people s hatred of at the end of the day, it is a cutesy adventure story for spunky girls like like mary lou retton there are a number of positive things about this book smart girl with energy and a mischievous mind who tries to overthrow an all male secret society who hasn t been there, right but for all her grrl power, she ain t no feminist even when attempting flirtation with her older boy love interest, she mentally tests and rejects a number of responses, rating them on the basis of how he will respond and what it will say about me as a person what happened to just being yourself, and not a weirdly manipulative and calculating freak where is sassy magazine c 1991 for this chick and at the end THIS IS WHERE I AM TALKING A LITTLE ABOUT THE ENDING OF THE BOOK, DIG when she fails to win the respect of the boys she has been following around and on the one hand being a secret leader to, but on the other hand, really just trying to impress them so they will accept her regardless of her gender, she gets a little shrieky and petulant which just makes her come across as a victim, which is way unattractive plus, the club she wants to get into is super lame a real girl power book would have her start her own secret society with the couple of girls who are worth anything in this book and like band together in a prank off i mean, isn t this practically a disney template stop slacking, mickey and then it would all end in a spectacular floor routine in a leotard the color of victory.it s not painful to read or anything, but i have a feeling elizabeth would fulking HATE it A solid, teen, feminist novel I really enjoy e lockhart s writing and this book didn t let me down A story about a girl navigating a boarding school where boys have some special privileges over girls, she starts to fight against that system I liked the main character, enjoyed the boarding school setting, and really appreciated the feminist angle My only reason for not giving this 5 stars is that I don t think that a it did anything particularly new with plot or character development, and b it very firmly felt like a simple introduction to feminism the lessons here are important, but are also very rudimentary and simple.Definitely recommend this to any teenagers who like boarding school books and who want to learn some basics of feminism You need to look past the surface cuteness to see this story for what it really is It s about power The allure of it, the desire for it, the sharp understanding of it It s about ambition, unashamed and unabashed It s about forcing your way through the doors that are not meant to open for you.It s about the formation of a future astute politician.Meet Frankie Landau Banks And so, another possibility the possibility I hold out for is that Frankie Landau Banks will open the doors she is trying to get through.And she will grow up to change the world E Lockhart is a mastermind who knows very well how to play with her readers perceptions and expectations In writing a story about a young woman trying so hard to grow out of being a Bunny Rabbit , a harmless pretty package sweet and sensitive young girl supportively watching her boyfriend and his friends learn to grow into their birthright of securely powerful WASPs, she created a story that can be so temping to pigeonhole into the story about a boarding school and secret societies into the story of learning about feminism into an unfortunate love story into a coming of age story into a story about the silly problems of those who have all the privilege and none of the real struggle.But it s that any of the above.And I stick with my idea that the glue that keeps this story together and elevates it head and shoulders above so many others is precisely the theme of power and ambition and politics all this in a young woman who typically is not associated with any of the above, whose role is traditionally supposed to be something different so different, that when she deviates from it, she s viewed somewhere on the borderline between obsessed and psychotic But Frankie knows what she wants Matthew had called her harmless Harmless And being with him made Frankie feel squashed into a box a box where she was expected to be sweet and sensitive but not oversensitive a box for young and pretty girls who were not as bright or powerful as their boyfriends A box for people who were not forces to be reckoned with.Frankie wanted to be a force Frankie Landau Banks comes from a life of privilege Her family is rich and connected Her exclusive New England preparatory school is a feeder school for Harvard Everyone is rich but , of course, tastefully not flaunting it , mostly WASP, smart and well spoken and bristling with security that befits those destined by birthright and money to make it big in this world, to rule Forging connections here is important because Frankie s classmates will be the ruling elite One of them may even run for President one day Senior s boyhood days were still the largest looming factor in his conception of himself His former schoolfellows were his closest friends They were the people he golfed with, the people he invited for drinks, the people whose country homes he visited on vacation They were people he recommended for jobs people who sent him patients and asked him to sit on boards of arts organizations people who connected him to other people The problem is while they can strive to be the President, in this world Frankie s brightest ambition should be the First Lady Support on the sidelines A pretty package Unable to enter the Old Boys world.And that stings And because of her sex, because of her age, because perhaps of her religion and her feminism, she could sit at their table every day and she would never, never, ever get in.Frankie had fallen in love not only with Matthew but with his group of friends And she knew they didn t rate her as anyone important That s where this book drew criticisms from many that Frankie wants to assert power by infiltrating the world of the secret boy society, that she does not instead go and start her own thing like her Berkeley educated sister suggests , that she does not find something worthier than the Old Boy power squabbles, that she wants to take over something that the old society created instead of proudly denouncing it and building something new Maybe her idealism is simply lacking Please, that is so antiquated The institutions of male supremacy only have real power over you if you buy into that notion Go found your own club and tell them they can t join Or better yet, drop the idea of clubs altogether because they re exclusionary, and embrace some other, flexible way of connecting with people But, Zada Frankie wanted to explain about the door being closed, about wanting to push through the door, about wanting not to feel small and second best at the table But Zada cut her off Or maybe Frankie already realizes at the age of fifteen, in the middle of her intellectual explosion sopho year the power is where it is, and instead of carving herself a niche on the outskirts of the old boys universe a niche that the ones in power can go on blissfully ignoring she does not see why exactly she cannot just join, participate and, perhaps, overtake She wants in, and she wants her share of existing power She refuses to be kept on the sidelines, and in order to avoid it you need to step into the WASP nest You need to go off the beaten path of creating your own niche and claw your way into the rigid the world that already has power, and bend it into the shape that suits you instead of waiting for someone else to finally hand you what you deserve Frankie Landau Banks is an off roader.She might, in fact, go crazy, as has happened to a lot of people who break rules Not the people who play at rebellion but really only solidify their already dominant positions in society as did Matthew and most of the other Bassets but those who take some larger action that disrupts the social order Who try to push through the doors that are usually closed to them They do sometimes go crazy, these people, because the world is telling them not to want the things they want It can seem saner to give up but then one goes insane from giving up Frankie s plans may have not exactly gone as she expected Yes, she was misunderstood Yes, the ones wanting to pigeonhole her found ways to continue doing it instead of taking a good look at their perceptions and prejudices Yes, the others may have thought the problem was with Frankie and not the rest of her insular world Yes, she was hurt and lonely and angry.But none of this made her doubt even for a moment that there are things that need to be changed, and things that she wants, and that she is not going to quit doing exactly what she wants to do and achieve what she wants to achieve Frankie did not accept life as it was presently occurring It was a fundamental element of her character Life as it was presently occurring was not acceptable to her And it s for this tenacity, perseverance and refusal to neatly fit into the predetermined role in somebody else s universe that I love Frankie Landau Banks.Don t cross her path and try to hold her back.Because the power is hers and she will do amazing things with it someday.We can only hope those great things will also be good It is better to be alone, she figures, than to be with someone who can t see who you are It is better to lead than to follow It is better to speak up than stay silent It is better to open doors than to shut them on people.She will not be simple and sweet She will not be what people tell her she should be That Bunny Rabbit is dead Update 8 21 2018What a difference 2 years make It feels like this book has aged 30 years since I read it last time in 2016 Amazing how much the conversation around feminism and privilege changed in such a short time Hard to recommend this book now though Update 9 16 2016Considering it s a 8 year old YA novel and how much YA has improved over these 8 years, I think it held up pretty well Maybe not 5 stars any , but still worthy of a read.OriginallyThis is definitely one of those clever and sophisticated YA books that is a must read for any teenage girl and adults as well It is not limited to some teen romance and angst, but it is a commentary on social and gender dynamics.Frankie might be overly ambitious and driven, and she might not have made all the smartest decisions, trying to get appreciation from people who by default perceive her to be no than a pretty pet, but she figured out the main thing right it is important to be your own person not just a man s arm candy , to be appreciated for your personal qualities and talents and not only for your adorable face and nice figure Writing style is flawless, dialog superb Now, having read this novel second time, I am upgrading it to 5 stars The Disreputable History is definitely E Lockhart s best book to date and the one I expect to re read over and over again. I ve pushed through to 100 pages, but I just can t go on For all its braininess, this book feels very juvenile to me, except that girls in most middle grade books are rarely this boy crazy and few of them have so little else going on their lives.Here are some things that make it feel very young to me the story seems to be centered around a caper in which Frankie tries to infiltrate a secret boys club three boys who don t recognize Frankie after her body develops or pretend not to, anyway a full page about boogers occasional overuse of exclamation points and above all else, the writing styleWritten in the third person with an occasional interruption by some unknown narrator, it s all done in arch prose that strives very hard to be humorous and clever without being very smart Or deep Or interesting At least to me, because this book certainly has its share of fans.I ll leave you with just one paragraph so you can decide whether this writing floats your boat and if you want to read any further Most young women, when confronted with the peculiarly male nature of certain social events usually those incorporating beer or other substances guaranteed to kill off brain cells, and often involving either the freezing cold outdoors or the near suffocating heat of a filthy dorm room, but which can also, in intellectual circles, include the watching of boring Russian films will react in one of three ways.Honestly, the whole premise of this felt like a brain candy book disguised as something much smart or meaningful Boys aren t paying attention to you Who cares Not me. I m than a third of the way into it and, I ve gotta say, I m disappointed There s too much build up So far, all I m getting is a over analyzation of every aspect of Frankie s relationship with Matthew You d think this far in I d at least get some kind of clue as to what she s done that was so big Now I ve gotten to Porter and the cheese fries and, even though she may be making a valid point Porter shouldn t be worried about her well being now just because she s prettier, she sounds like a crazy bitch the way she carries on And, not that it s right, but what Porter s saying is true I mean, it s not like it s not true that guys typically go after girls with prettier faces and bigger boobs There s no point in pretending we don t know that So Frankie may be a bit on the radar than she was last year Still, it was awful presumptuous of Porter to tell her that It s like saying, I know I didn t tell you to watch out for other guys when we were dating, but you re kinda hot now so I thought I should let you know While I commend Frankie for calling him on it, I can t say I agree with the way she handled it i.e Screaming and raising hell in a public place And then she goes on about being proud of herself.Frankie hadn t liked herself while she d been yelling at Porter but she had admired herself.How, exactly, can you feel both of those ways at once About yourself And then it goes on to say So I was a monster, she thought At least I wasn t someone s little sister, someone s girlfriend, some soph, some girl someone whose opinions don t matter.So you d rather be a monster, Frankie You d rather people look at you and see a raging lunatic if you think it gets your point across Because I can honestly say NO ONE is going to take you seriously or even listen to you for that matter when you act like you ve just lost your mind You can be composed and still get your point across You say that the other ways girls deal with being offended are pouting, grumbling, moping, or whining all of which YOU do yourself throughout the story But you did not list talking Maybe it s because you haven t tried that yet, but when you actual state your opinion in a composed voice like a sensible person, people tend to listen Especially when you can back up whatever you re saying And since when do the opinions of sisters, girlfriends, sophs, and girls in general not matter And if you ask me, Frankie s whole I m an independent woman campaign never stops backfiring She s really no better than all the spineless girls who let their boyfriends walk all over them Only, instead of doing everything he wants, she s doing whatever he DOESN T want her to do or doesn t expect her to do Which really isn t what she wants to do at all Like eating garlic knots, which she hates, just because Alpha assumed she wouldn t want any Yeah, she ate them to prove him wrong But what good is that when he was right anyway and she really DIDN T want any All she did was make herself eat something she hated From what I could see, it didn t earn her any respect from him So she s still letting her boyfriend not to mention his friends control all her actions.And is it me, or is it really hard to believe she really cares for him at all I mean, it seems like she s so busy over analyzing everything he says and does to really enjoy the relationship their in Prime example Frankie felt herself flush Thank you You re welcome, said Matthew I like a girl who knows how to take a compliment You know how so many girls are all, Oh, me I m not pretty I m a hag Yeah Well, it s so much nicer when someone just says thank you So don t become that girl, okay That haggy girl Okay A tiny part of her wanted to go over to him and shout, I can feel like a hag some days if I want What the hell was that, Frankie Again, she s trying so hard not to let him control her that she s making herself look stupid He was complimenting her And basically saying, Don t change because I like you the way that you are Now if he had told her to change she would ve had a fit too But instead he tells her not to change and she thinks crap like, Oh, yeah I can be a hag if I want to Yeah Yeah, you can, Frankie It s true that he can t tell you how to feel or act But get real No girl WANTS to be a hag That was a pretty suckish rebuttal Are you really on the debate team And his comment didn t need an argument Hardly anything he says or does really NEEDS an argument.And I ve yet to see this so called genius she possesses I admit she seems aware of herself and her relationship than most girls But she doesn t ever DO anything about it She admits that Matthew wants her in his world but doesn t really want anything to do with hers He doesn t come to her dorm, attempt to be nice to Trish the way she does with his friends, or even ask about her family And Frankie acknowledges all this and does nothing She s OKAY with it.Lots of girls don t notice when they are in this situation They are so focused on their boyfriends that they don t remember they had a life at all before their romances, so they don t become upset that the boyfriend isn t interested.Frankie did notice but she wasn t sure she cared.Why Why wouldn t she care She s so concerned with being her own person, but she wants to immerse herself in his world Every compliment and gift he gives her needs to be analyzed for any double meanings, but he doesn t have to show any interest in her life, friends, or family It s like the thing with her making up the stupid words and then him correcting her I mean, if you care about someone you wouldn t want them walking around using words with no real meaning They d sound stupid She sounds stupid when she does it I would ve corrected her too if I were him But instead of just listening to the dictionary, she gets upset and oversensitive yes, Frankie, you re oversensitive Matthew AND Porter have told you this They re not making it up and continues to use the word and, therefore, sound like an idiot.My point is, Frankie s not arguing on the points she should be arguing on The book is trying to give us the impression that she s set so far apart from average high school girls, but she s really not.Even her mentality is achingly typical at times but she was a heterosexual soph with no boyfriend and no social power especially now that Zada had graduated On what planet would a girl in her position refuse to go to a golf course party with Matthew Livingston Yes, he s the cool senior and you re the average soph nobody I think you ve stressed that enough Frankie I was hoping for something original.Futher, she s a stalker And a pathetic one at that She may claim she s following her boyfriend and all the dumb guys around because she s advocating some stupid right women supposedly have to join their club But the real deal is that she just wants to be a part of that inner circle She feels like they don t value her that much, which is true And she s so worried about being friends with them and being popular that she s willing to follow them around in the dark and watch them while they drink beer, eat chips, and talk guy stuff I believe her sister Zada said it best Please, that is so antiquated The institution of male supremacy only have real power over you if you buy into that notion Go found your own club and tell them they can t join Or better yet, drop the idea of clubs altogether because they re exclusionary, and embrace some other, flexible way of connecting with people But, Zada Frankie wanted to explain about the door being closed, about wanting to push through the door, about wanting not to feel small and second best at the caf table But Zada cut her off Don t stress over this, Frankie It s okay if Matthew s in some dumb drinking club that you re not in Just let him be in it and go do your own thing Thank you, Zada Clearly, Frankie doesn t give a crap, really, about her right as a women to be in that club Which she really doesn t have, anyway It s not like it s supported by the school or anything And why would she want to be in it It s a group of guys bonding with other guys in a way that they can t bond with girls Why does she have to interfere with that There s absolutely nothing wrong with it She just wants to do whatever her boyfriend is doing so she ll feel accepted and not second best at the caf table.And all for a group of people whom she clearly cares about than they care about her And who will be graduating next year and leaving her anyway And she can claim to be so into Matthew all she wants It s obvious none of this is about love This about her being whiny and bratty Like a little kid sibling that wants to do everything and be everywhere their older sibling is It s annoying and not so endearing after the age of six.Less on Frankie and on the book in it s entirety, it didn t live up to my expectations at all For one thing, there were a lot of characters and a lot of names that seemed like they needed remembering because they showed up so often which they didn t, really and there were hardly any descriptions I couldn t imagine a face for anyone Not even Frankie In the very first pages it basically said she went from gawky to hot and that s it And the book would sometimes throw out names of people that had never been mentioned like you were supposed to know who they were No background, no description, just a name The omniscient narrator was a bit difficult to follow sometimes too Sometimes it seemed like they were making a point like, Hey, this little tidbit is important It s going to come up later, so remember it And then other times they were just rambling, almost indistinguishable from Frankie s thoughts and what we were supposed to infer that she was thinking.This is without a doubt the longest review I ve ever done And I typically do pretty long reviews But this here is like my book on what s wrong with the book E Lockhart really disappointed me with this Her other books are so great I was prepared to be completely dazzled and now sigh If I could give it my own rating it d be 1.75 stars for I ve Read WAY Better But It s Not The Absolute Worst. June 2011 Just re read this over the weekend Still so good I can t even comprehend how you write an ending like this Absolutely one of my favorite fictional characters April 2008 I m not even done with it yet, but stop what you re doing and start reading this book From an email to Sarah I am reading The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks If the 2nd half is 1 3 as good as the first half has been, it ll be one of favorite books of all time That s math right there It s SO GOOD It s about the battle between good and evil in a teenage girl s soul I.e the warring factions of OMG that boy is so cute I can t believe he wants to kiss me and Wait, he wants me to wear his shirt What does that mean Is he marking his territory Am I his doll Or is he just being nice It s all about the societal structures and roles that boys and girls participate in, both willfully and blindly, and how it keeps teenage girls down EXCEPT ONE.It s so good it s so good it s so good All I have to add upon finishing it is that IT S SO GOOD I was wondering if was going to just continue along being pleasant and amazing and breezy, but no, at the end it got STRESSFUL, and then I got slightly TEARY, and then it got PERFECT.Klara said that the last page is really good, and she was 100% correct It s really good. ooh secret societies and gender politicsIf you re female and between the ages of about 12 and 25, I cannot think of a single reason why you shouldn t read this book It s fantastic Both highly political and incredibly funny it s the book I wish I d been given to see me through being a teenager and to prepare me for later life And no, I never went to an elite prep school with a bunch of stuffy trainee old boys and a 60 year old all male secret society but I, like every girl I know, could have done with the reassurance that being your own person is important than fitting the mold and that women are worth than just a chest measurement The story spoke to me on many levels and addressed issues that I have written articles on and feel very strongly about.On the surface, it s a high school tale of cliques, first loves and mischief quite like the author s The Boyfriend List 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver and the other Ruby Oliver books I enjoyed reading about Ruby and frequently related to her but, for me, Frankie Landau Banks was all the kick ass, funny and just so memorable She s a 5 star heroine and the perfect partner in crime if only she were real The writing in this novel was flawless with some hilarious dialogue between the characters, particularly regarding some of Frankie s ridiculous neglected positives, it s such a silly idea that shouldn t be so funny but I have no idea how many times I must have laughed Little scenes like this are what made the book for me They re not puppets, they re muppets, said Frankie I have a serious and justified love for Kermit that I will parage to the end Parage Parage The neglected postive of disparage You mean defend You will defend Kermit to the end Parage Praise Parage I will parage him And Animal, too I love Animal I used to watch that show on DVD all the time when I was little Trish changed the subject We should do facials and paint our toenails Friday before they pick us up What do you say, blow through dinner and come back here for girlie stuff Frankie said, You re on When we re finished, we ll be absolutely sheveled You ll be sheveled, said Trish I m a normal person I mean, come on, that s funny And she s so effin stubborn it s great I just loved Frankie and loved the plot and loved the book I took notes on the damn thing No, really, there are parts of this book that you just have to note down By you , of course, I actually mean me.I also want to point out for all you cynical people who bah humbug at novels set in high schools following a girl through her relationships and pranky misdeeds this really is a great political statement But it s in the dialogue and Frankie s awesomeness that it s revealed, sometimes subtle and sometimes not My favourite thing about it is how the school represents today s society as a whole and the truths about the equality myth Because, sadly, even though men and women are supposed to have the same opportunities and they are now allowed into the same professions, they sit at the same tables and they even become friends, beneath it all there is still an inner circle rather like a secret society that continues to slam the door in a woman s face But better than this metaphor is the message behind it that if you put your mind to it, you don t have to accept the way things are That you have the ability to change the way of the world Or the way of a prep school Like Frankie does. `Free Ebook ☔ The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks ⇻ Frankie Landau Banks at age 14 Debate Club Her father s bunny rabbit A mildly geeky girl attending a highly competitive boarding school Frankie Landau Banks at age 15 A knockout figure A sharp tongue A chip on her shoulder And a gorgeous new senior boyfriend the supremely goofy, word obsessed Matthew Livingston Frankie Landau Banks, at age 16 No longer the kind of girl to take no for an answer and possibly a criminal mastermind This is the story of how she got that way.Frankie Landau Banks No longer the kind of girl to take no for an answer Especially when no means she s excluded from her boyfriend s all male secret society Not when her ex boyfriend shows up in the strangest of places Not when she knows she s smarter than any of them When she knows Matthew s lying to her And when there are so many, many pranks to be done.