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@Read Book Ê The Monstrumologist Õ These are the secrets I have kept This is the trust I never betrayed But he is dead now and has been for than forty years, the one who gave me his trust, the one for whom I kept these secrets The one who saved meand the one who cursed meSo starts the diary of Will Henry, orphaned assistant to Dr Pellinore Warthorpe, a man with a most unusual specialty: monstrumology, the study of monsters In his time with the doctor, Will has met many a mysterious latenight visitor, and seen things he never imagined were real But when a grave robber comes calling in the middle of the night with a gruesome find, he brings with him their most deadly case yetA gothic tour de force that explores the darkest heart of man and monster and asks the question: When does man become the very thing he hunts? Well that was, uh a bit narly and different I felt sorry for Will Henry who was only 12 and had a lot to deal with living with this man and finding out some revelations Curioser and Curiouser..I guess I will eventually finish the series just to see the end game! Soooo this one is about a rather particular Monstrumologist and his apprentice chasing headless maneating monsters across Victorian New England Here are five reasons why you should read it:1 These are proper monsters They don’t want to make out with you or play you songs on their guitar while you snuggle on the sofa They just want to eat you, except for when they want to insert their babies in your corpse so they have something to snack on as they incubate Okay, it’s a little gross sometimes I ought to say that up front.2 The voice! The voice! Apart from the first and last chapters, which are introduced in modern times (and which I don’t care for), the entire novel is told from the point of view of Will Henry, the Monstrumologist’s pint sized apprentice He is resolute but afraid, put upon but never whiny I love the historical aspect It’s all very gaslight and cobblestones and black cloaks and gasping behind hands.3 The Monstromologist! He is so highmaintenance and flawed and persnickety Basically, he is Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle, if Howl never met Sophie Oh, my love is undying “WILL HENRY, SNAP TO!”4 I wish I could just make you read this book now.5 The beginning Also, the middle Also, the end There is a character twist two thirds of the way through the book that I just did not see and I literally gasped on a plane Then I was so delighted that a book had made me gasp on a plane that I punched Lover in the shoulder and made wild hand gestures This book is put together like a puzzle box, and I will be taking it apart again sometime soon. People who know me are very well aware that I wouldn't in a million years pick up a a horrormonster book of my own accord But I have this personal reading challenge in which I am aiming to read at least one book recommended by each of my GR friends and I thought reading this would be like hitting four birds in one stone But instead of birds, I would be hitting four intelligent, opinionated and not to mention, gorgeous young women's recommendation, for these four lovely ladiesVane, Tash, Paige and Evelyn are head over heels for this novel (especially the first three^^) (Click their names for their review.^^)Plus, I am a huge fan of Uncle Rick's Fifth Wave series, so this is practically a winwin.After reading the book, I perfectly understand why any reader who is fan of horror, mystery, pure gore, dry humor, mystery, perfectly embodied characters of the Victorian era, pure literary creativity and imagination and exemplary intelligent writing would fall crazily in love with this book I did fall in love with the latter half of these attributes I mentioned, the first three thoughI have to admit that the thing that blew me away in this novel is not so much the content The story is mainly about the 12 year old Will Jenry James' account of his out of the ordinary experience as the loyal assistant of Dr Pellinore Warthrop, a mad scientist, a monstrumologist obsessed with his craft that he had become flummoxed by the precepts of normal conversations (this is the writing language throughout the novel^^) and their encounter with these human eating preys called, Anthropophagi which perfectly shaped children's imagination of a monster Come to think of it, stories like this have been already told by hundreds of dads to their children as a simple bedtime story Okay, maybe not as a bedtime story but you get what I mean.But like in any piece of art, the meaning is essentially of no value if not for the form it is conveyed through That is what gave this book the huge difference It is perfectly executed with a strong narrative voice, true to life characters, powerful general message and thought provoking philosophical truths about humanity, intensely engaging plot and precise descriptive imagery Uncle Rick Yancey has superhuman writing abilities At times though, the gory descriptions were too vivid, specific and overly gutwrenching There were scenes that made me really nauseous I was literally sick to my stomach especially that part with Capt Varner Friendly advice: Do not read this right after eating, before sleeping, when you are at a hospital, when you are not feeling well This is a certified literary masterpiece although not in this lifetime or another will I ever reread this If you are a fan of this genre, then this is written specifically for you. okay, so monsters.this reads like victorian teen fiction, only witharterial spray it's got all the trappings: it is long, and there are orphans and mad scientists, an evil madhouse director, and then there are monsters that eat people there is absolutely no crossover audience between this and twilight the girls who swoon over edward's restrained bloodlust are going to be horrified by the multiple beheadings and the scene where a child is reduced to a fine mist of blood splatterpainting a living room so why isn't this book awesome?years ago, before i was captured and dragged kicking and screaming into the Land of Teen Fiction, i had a certain conception of what teen fiction was like, and i thought this is not for me, it is for teens and unbright adults and then i read some really great teen fiction, and felt ashamed for being so dismissive without having done any actual legwork but this book is pretty much the way i thought teen fiction was before my conversion it's finefor kids it's got a fast pace; even though it is long, you just burn right through it, there are a lot of action sequences, the characters aren't terribly original or developed, but it's all about the monsters, right? and the gore it's not awful, it's just not terribly sophisticated, despite its references to jonathan swift and shakespeare (william) and herodotus and other classical mythologies.oh, and the kid's name is william henry james so, there's thatyou know, for the kids.but, it is probably a fine, quick halloween read i shrugz.come to my blog!